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The paragon of youth festivals, that captivates and binds more than 40,000 youngsters at a time under the vibrant roof of SVKM, is here once again to enchant and tantalize all the hearts. This double headed phoenix has reborn from its ashes, ready to take everyone on a fascinating ride, leaving them awestruck. This year the phoenix has risen with splendour and grandeur to set the cultural extravaganza on fire. Experience the magnificence of  kshitij'2017, witnessing the epitome of dedication, exuberance and dynamism, taking home a box full of memories to cherish. Rising and amplifying with each passing year,   kshitij has become a spectacular world in itself. This spellbinding festival has enthralled the young souls for a glorious decade now, and aims at taking the 2017 edition of   kshitij to the pinnacle of success.With a workforce of more than 700 students,   kshitij is ready to light up Mumbai’s skyline with its epic celebration of passion, talent and life.

Mithibai College of Arts, Chauhan Institute of Science & Amrutben Jivanlal College of Commerce and Economics is envisaged as a destination for the most talented and promising students, since its inception in 1961.The college inculcates values that prepare a student for academic excellence through the paths of critical thinking, a professional work ethic and the determination to be accountable. Being involved in the mission striving towards excellence, Mithibai is committed in its mission of public service. Furthermore, it strives to provide a unique setting for stimulating creative thoughts which ensures that every student who graduates remains committed to society. Compassion, humaneness and commitment to every section of society are the benchmarks of the minds that get trained at this college.

With over 60 events in the field of Literary Arts, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Management, Informals, Gaming and Sports, Photography and Film Fest,   kshitij'17 is ready to cater to with some excitement and thrill. Events like Scorch the floor, Just A Minute, Stock it Up, Human Foosball, Cover Shot, Cine-squeeze and Mask painting were the talk of the festival due to its innovative concepts and fabulous execution. Each year Mithibai   kshitij aims at taking the innovation and excitement to a new level with a multitude of entertaining events.



The cradle of human race and birthplace of human speech; our motherland India is truly an epitome of cultures and traditions. Summarizing and symbolising the spirit of humanity, India is indeed a Divine Abode where the dreams of all living men find a home. The land of Shiva and the dream of Buddha, India is a nursery of temples and mosques where the happy followers of various religions live and rejoice together. One of the oldest civilizations, our nation has gifted the world with grammar and logic, philosophy and fables. Albeit following diverse ways of life and living in different corners of the nation, the people of this country are Indians at heart and create this magnificent land.




Run For A Green India


Just like the tassel from the blazing sun has gleamed out in sapphire-gold, so have our thoughts, deeper and still brighter. Brave are those who persist and complete every challenge in spite of all the hardships and difficulties. With a burning passion to bring a change in the ideology of society, Mithbai  kshitij is organizing, A Green Run, a 7 KM Marathon on 10th December, 2017 for a social cause. Ringing true to its name, the sole aim of this Marathon is to promote a green India with a healthy environment. So let us run for a good cause and if it is a good cause, then never hesitate and take a pause. Let us run for a better tomorrow, let us run for a cleaner tomorrow, let us run for a greener tomorrow. Mithibai  kshitij cordially invites you all to be a part of this graceful occasion.


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