The paragon of youth fests that captivates and binds more than 40,000 youngsters at a time is here once again to enchant and tantalize all the hearts. The phoenix is reborn by setting itself on fire, this year too the phoenix has risen in full splendour and is back with grandeur to set the cultural extravaganza on fire. Experience the magnificence of Kshitij 2016, witnessing the epitome of dedication, exhuberance and dynamism and take home a box full of memories to cherish. Rising and amplifying with each passing year, Kshitij has become a spectacular world in itself. This impeccable mega fest has enthralled the young souls for a glorious decade now, and aims at taking the 2016 edition of Kshitij to the pinnacle of success.

Our Theme

There are two sides to every coin, a mystery in every discovery, so much that is yet unknown. So join us in our theme this year 'Manifestation of the Mirage'
as together we unravel these mysteries and illusions to portray and explore them. So get ready because it's time to explore the unseen, it's time to soar beyond the limits.