Kshitij has a wide range of events in eight different departments, providing a platform for every talented individual out there. The departments are Performing Arts, Literary Arts, Creatives and Fine Arts, Business Events, Gaming and Sports, Photography, Film Fest and Informals which conduct around 42 events all together.
Another reason as to why Kshitij is such a successful festival is our Sponsors. Without these sponsors, Kshitij would end up being generic just like any other college festival. They are the reason behind our attractive gifts and prizes and our alluring pronites.
Kshitij has always believed in doing something for the society. That is why, Kshitij holds a marathon for a cause. Kshitij held its first Green Run in 2012. After that, we held a Green run in 2017 and India’s First Swachhathon 2018. The Green Run in Kshitij’18 was the most successful marathon ever held by a college festival and we were the proud organizers of it.
This year, Kshitij is going to take place over three distinctive phases, spanning over 20+ days and 40+ events! With cash prizes worth Rs. 2.5 lakh and gifts worth Rs. 20 lakh, we cannot wait for the festival to begin!